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Essential Height Safety are Australia’s Leading Experts at reducing hazards and risks when working at height. Safe Roof Access is more than just fall protection – its about fall prevention. Correct Safety should never involve taking short cuts or putting workers at risk when at height.

Our height safety solutions reduce the risks of people working at height, so they can focus on the job at hand without obstructing their ability to get the job done. Balancing budget and safety, we can design and install a Height Safety System that meets all legal requirements while keeping workers safe.

Being a market in Height Safety and Safe Roof Access Systems, all of Essential Height Safety’s Roof Access Systems are compliant to Australian Standards, meet all legislation requirement and codes of practice. All of our Height Safety Solutions offer the Correct Safety requirements and are engineered and manufactured in Australia, which ensures the minimum standards are far exceeded.

About Essential Height Safety

Our national head office is based in Melbourne, Victoria. With a team of Height Safety Specialists Australia wide, we provide Height Safety Systems, Audits, Inspections and Certifications to our client base all around Australia. We understand the Correct Safety requirements to ensure a legally compliant Height Safety System is installed which will protect workers at height.

Essential Height Safety provides a range of Height Safety, Fall Prevention and Fall Arrest solutions including Roof Anchor Points, Walkways and Platforms, Fixed Ladders and Steps, Guard Rails, Static Lines, Roof Hatches and Overhead Rails. Our Height Safety Services include Height Safety Audits, Height Safety Certifications and Height Safety Test and Inspections

Our diverse client base rely on us to protect their workers at height– from billion dollar global businesses all the way down to local retail shops.

We’re ready to talk about a complete Height Safety and Fall Protection solution for your buildings to protect your workers. Best of all – our quotes and advice are obligation free.

Contact our team today for an obligation free consultation.

Accidents don’t have to happen. Keep your workers safe. Prevent Falls. Ensure Compliance

If you allow workers Roof Access to your building, you have a legal obligation to comply with all Australian Standards, Codes and Regulations around Height Safety, Roof Safety, Fall Protection and Fall Arrest. To ensure the Height Safety of your workers and the legal compliance for your business, contact the trained and accredited experts today for an obligation free consultation.

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