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Walkway and Platform Solutions

Roof Platform Systems

Our walkway and platform solutions offer maintenance personnel a slip resistant and designated walkway and landing area on roof areas. Roof platforms and roof walkways provide safe and trafficable access and an area to perform important maintenance and service checks for roof top equipment including air conditioning units, telecommunications equipment and roof repairs and maintenance.

Where areas of a rooftop require regular and ongoing maintenance it is vital to ensure that risks to workers have been identified and controlled. Designed to provide stability and grip at dangerous and potentially fatal heights our expertly fabricated and precisely installed roof access platform systems keep your workers confidently safe.

Drawing on years of first-hand and hands-on experience in the height safety industry, the you can trust the passionate and professional team at Essential Height Safety to help keep you safe at any height.

Our walkway and platform systems offer a number of unique advantages all made to keep you safe including. These features:

  1. Offer slip resistant finishes – Options in both aluminium and fibre composite
  2. Designate a ‘Safe to Walk’ – Offers a safe route by removing the presence of hazards
  3. Provide a levelled surface – When slope exceeds 12°.  If the fall is over 300mm guardrail is also required
  4. Are Installed compliant to AS1657 – Whether a walkway or platform deck our systems meet loading requirement

Depending on your location, how corrosive the environment is and your budget – we can install roof walkways and roof platforms in;

  1. Aluminium
  2. FRP – Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic – Fibreglass Reinforced Polymer
  3. Steel 

Roof Access Walkways

Installed alongside our roof platform systems, the roof access walkway systems supplied and installed by our exceptional team of safety experts ensure you have around-the-clock and reliable and safe access to and from hard-to-reach regions of your site. To speak directly to a member of our helpful team about how you can benefit from our roof walkway systems customers Australia-wide can call us on 1300 88 11 73 for a free, no-obligation, quote.

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Recently Installed Roof Platform and Walkway Systems