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Static Line Systems

Fall Prevention with Static Lines

Where there is a requirement for continual connection to a fall-arrest system then static lines offers users the safest and easiest form of attachment, enabling the operator to follow a system route while staying connected.

Energy Absorbing terminations mean our static lines are suitable for light structures as well as concrete fixing – Reducing loadings in the event of a fall places less stress on structures as well as the user. Fabricated from extremely durable and weather-resistant materials our selection of static line systems are able to withstand high levels of stress and wear without having their integrity compromised.

With installation by an accredited installer, our static line systems comply with Australian Standards and provide optimum protection in a range of situations.

If a  static line systems has already installed at your site, the team at Essential Height Safety visit your site and conduct a detailed audit or inspection to ensure that everything conforms with current safety standards and regulations.

Static Lines Fall Protection

At Essential Height Safety our experience and industry knowledge has taught us that you can’t be too careful when it comes to working from even seemingly short heights. Securely anchored onto stable, even and un-even surfaces our selection of static lines offer enhanced fall protection for workers at height. Our professionals know that all that stands between a potentially fatal fall and you are a gust of wind or a single misstep.

By trusting our reputable range of safety equipment to keep you secure and anchored ensures you have a greater level of safety no matter the height. To learn more about a specific item from our extensive range of safety solutions please feel free to call us today on 1300 881 173.

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