Essential Height Safety’s range of Roof Anchor Point Systems meet and exceed all fall protection, fall arrest and abseiling height safety and compliance requirements. Our Roof Anchors offer superior height safety by allowing free and easy movement. We design, supply and install compliant and user friendly roof anchor point system that are manufactured to Australian Standard 5532 and then installed to Australian Standard 1891.

Why Install Your Roof Anchor Points with EH Safety?

We offer a wide range of Roof Anchor Point Types:

  • Energy Absorbing Surface Mount Roof Anchor Points – When deployed reduces the load on the operator as well as structure.
  • Masonry Roof Anchors – Chemical, mechanical and bolt through fixing for use in both abseil and fall-arrest
  • Surface Mounted Abseil Roof Anchor Points – fixed above roof sheet into underlying structure, with swivel attachment for easy rigging

Essential Height Safety’s team are highly trained and accredited to install  Roof Anchor Points to exceed all Standards, Codes and Regulations while ensuring legal compliance. Our Roof Anchor Points ensure Roof Safety and Access to new and existing buildings for essential maintenance. Coated and treated to prevent deterioration from exposure to inclement weather such as rain, high humidity, harsh sun, and coastal weather conditions and environments, our safety anchors for roofs can keep you attached to all types of roof surfaces.


Why are Roof Anchor Points Important for Height Safety?

Roof anchor points are crucial for height safety for several reasons. Firstly, they provide a secure attachment point for PPE such as harnesses and lanyards, allowing workers to safely access and work at heights. This reduces the risk of falls and injuries in the workplace. Additionally, roof anchor points are designed to meet strict safety standards, ensuring they can withstand the force of a fall and keep workers secure. Roof anchor points can also be customized to fit the specific needs of a workspace, providing safe access to even the most challenging areas.

Why Should a Professional Install Your Roof Safety Points?

Having a professional install your roof safety points is essential for ensuring the safety and effectiveness of your height safety system. We have the knowledge and expertise to properly assess your workspace and determine the best locations for your safety points, ensuring they meet all necessary safety regulations and standards. We use high-quality materials and equipment, ensuring the safety points are secure and able to withstand the force of a fall. We also have the necessary training to install safety points safely and efficiently, reducing the risk of accidents during installation.

We Offer a Wide Range of Roof Anchor Point Types

Offering a range of both roof anchor point types and the ability to install to many roof types, Essential Height Safety can cater for all applications including abseil and fall-arrest. After every installation, our roof anchor systems are inspected and tested in accordance with Australian Standards prior to hand over. For the best in quality safety anchor solutions you can’t go past the tried and trusted products from Essential Hight Safety.

Protect Yourself From Falling with our Roof Anchor Points

At Essential Height Safety we can provide you with a wide variety of roof anchors and anchor points for fall protection. Melbourne businesses and sites all around Victoria can benefit from our wide range of roof safety anchors. With years of industry experience, expertise and knowledge behind us you can trust the team at Essential Height Safety to ensure that your workers are best protected from falls and injury.

At Essential Height Safety our team are passionate about providing quality safety solutions for every project. No matter how big or small the job is, the health and safety of the workers is always our number one priority. That’s why we’re proud to provide the very best in fall arrest systems. Construction sites can be a dangerous place, with work often occurring several metres off the ground. But Melbourne’s hard-working contractors and builders shouldn’t have to put their safety at risk to do the job they love. With the range of fall restraint systems available at Essential Height Safety workers across Melbourne can work freely and easily, knowing that they’re well protected and are using trusted, sturdy equipment which are built to last. Want to learn more? Our team are always on hand to walk you through our selection of tough, secure and reliable fall protection systems. Just get in touch with them today and to find the system that will best suit your needs and the needs of your worksite. Don’t worry, the team at Essential Height Safety have got your back.

Work freely and with the same security as having two feet planted firmly on the ground with Essential Height Safety’s line of harness anchor points. At Essential Height Safety our team are the leading industry experts when it comes to roof safety and security. We also provide unmatched customer service, ensuring our valued customers know that we’re a name you can count on for long-lasting anchor points that will maintain the same level of strength and quality for years to come. When you purchase products from Essential Height Safety you know you are getting equipment that is built specifically for the job of keeping you and your workers safe on the job.

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If you allow workers Roof Access to your building, you have a legal obligation to comply with all Australian Standards, Codes and Regulations around Height Safety, Roof Safety, Fall Protection and Fall Arrest. To ensure the Height Safety of your workers and the legal compliance for your business, contact the trained and accredited experts today for an obligation free consultation.


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