Height Safety Solutions and Height Safety Systems require annual certification to Australian Standards  Without a Height Safety Certification, you are risking your workers safety and potentially exposing your business to legal risk and litigation by not complying with OHS and Work Safe laws. When it comes to your workers, your Roof Access and Height Safety, as an employer you have a responsibility to ensure all possible measures are in place and they are certified as compliant to ensure Fall Prevention and Fall Arrest should an accident happen.

Our Height Safety Certification Process

Our Extensive Height Safety Certification process checks all systems, equipment and processes are certified to minimum Australian Standards.  Our comprehensive report will clearly identify your Height Safety Systems compliance to all required Australian Standards legislation including;

  • Identify compliant assets
  • Identify non-compliance issues
  • Make extensive design recommendations for a compliant Height Safety Solution to meet all Australian Standards, Codes of Practice and Regulatory compliance

If your height safety systems are fully compliant to australian standards and legislation, then Essential Height Safety will issue a certificate of compliance for your height safety system as fit for purpose.

If Essential Height Safety discovers compliance issues, along with out recommended design, our specialised team can install our Height Safety System design which fully complies with the current standards to keep your workers safe at height and ensure your business is legally protected.

Height Safety Compliance

We provide a Certificate of Compliance for all systems that Essential Height Safety installs and for Height Safety Certifications if they pass our rigorous and comprehensive process. Essential Height Safety provides certification services to the below Australian Standards for Height Safety;

  • AS 1657:2018 -> Fixed platforms. Walkways. Stairs. Ladders
  • AS/NZS 1891.1 Part 1: Safety Belts and Harnesses
  • AS/NZS 1891.2 Part 2: Horizontal Lifeline and Rail Systems
  • AS/NZS 1891:3 Part 3: Fall Arrest Devices
  • AS/NZS 1891.4 : 2009 -> Fall-arrest systems. Selection, Use and Maintenance of Industrial Fall Arrest Systems and Devices
  • AS/NZS 4488 -> Rope access systems

Falls from even moderate heights can leave workers with permanent and debilitating injuries. Ensure your Height Safety Systems are compliant by having them certified to meet and exceed mandatory Australia Standards .

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Essential Height Safety designs, installs and certifies a wide range of height safety, roof access and fall prevention systems that meet and exceed all industry standards across many industries. All roof safety systems are custom designed with Australian made products and installed by fully trained, qualified and certified installers.

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