Trusted by 1000’s of clients and Australia’s largest builders, property owners and facility managers, we have a team of highly trained and accredited height safety experts that design and install Fall Prevention and Fall Arrest Systems Australia wide. To ensure ongoing safe roof access, our Height Safety Inspection and Roof Safety Audit Services help our clients maintain compliant Roof Access to all Standards, Codes and Regulations while ensuring Roof Safety for all workers.

Whether it’s a new building under construction or an existing building that is no longer compliant, we work closely with our clients to ensure safe roof access with a unique height safety solution that balances the buildings roof access requirements and worker safety.  Considered by its peers as the industry experts in roof height safety, you can trust and rely on our highly trained and experienced team of roof safety specialists.

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As the Market Leader Australia wide, we offer a complete range of Height Safety Solutions and Roof Safety Systems for new and existing buildings. Thousands of Clients choose Essential Height Safety as we are Australia's Leading Experts in Height Safety and Safe Roof Access Systems. Trusted by Australia's Largest Builders, all our Height Safety Systems use Australian Engineered and Manufactured materials that are installed by our own employees. Our Height Safety Solutions and Roof Safety Systems offer fall protection for workers at height and ensure legal compliance to all regulations, codes and standards.


We’ve built an enviable reputation as the leading height safety specialists in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin and Hobart, working with a wide range of Australia’s largest builders, commercial property owners and facility managers.  We ensure every worker can safely access a roof  to complete the required maintenance while also having the necessary fall protection and fall arrest systems in place should an accident happen.

Our Services

We've built a significant portfolio of clients who reply on Essential Height Safety to provide ongoing Height Safety Audit, Height Safety Inspection and Height Safety Certification services. We are passionate and fearless in protecting workers at height from accidents and serious injuries through the diligent monitoring and maintenance of existing Roof Safety Systems. Our highly trained and experienced team have decades of experience providing Height Safety Audits, Roof Safety and Access Assessments in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin and Hobart. Through the ongoing identification of hazards and the safe control of height safety risks, we help our clients maintain constant compliance to all Australia Height Safety Standards, Codes and Regulations and keep workers safe.

Why Thousands of Clients Trust Us to ensure Safe Roof Access
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    Full Compliance - to all Australian Standards, Codes, Legislation, WHS, OH&S

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    Australia Wide -
    Qualified Installers & Inspectors in all states

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    Most Trusted - Expert, Accredited &
    Trained empolyees

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    Full Service - Consultation - Design - Installation - Certifications

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    Australian - Proprietary Products Designed &
    Manufactured in Australia

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    100% Satisfaction - Over 1,000+ Clients with 1,500+ Safer Sites,

  • Troy and Lewis are great to deal with. I had them carry out roof access works at a recent job and couldn’t recommend them enough. Reliable, honest and great customer service. Thanks guys look forward to next one!

    Andrew, Otto Construction Group
  • Over the last four years, we’ve built a close relationship with Essential Height Safety to install our proprietary height safety and fall protection solutions. With an extensive understanding of Australian Standards, codes of practice and OHS legislation, along with trained and accredited installers, when I refer a client to Essential Height Safety I know that they are in expert and safe hands.

    Glenn, Safya
  • Essential Height Safety have installed five new Height Safety Systems at our premises to keep our workers safe. I was initially impressed with Essential Height Safety’s knowledge and professionalism during the initial audit of our requirements, and their team of installers completed each installation to a very high standard. The handover and training was thorough, which means my workers are confident and competent using the new Height Safety Solution.

    Daniel, CBRE
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We are not surprised! Height Safety, Fall Protection and Fall Arrest is a specialist field. Contact Australia’s Leading Roof Safety experts today for an obligation free consultation.

Our Projects
We've worked with some major well known brands including the biggest builders,commercial property owners and facility managers in Australia. As the Market Leading Experts in Height Safety, Roof Safety and Fall Protection, we've proud of the close relationships we've built with our clients and the workers we continue to protect. Over the years we've built our enviable reputation across many industries to now be the industry leaders in protecting workers at height while ensuing businesses comply to all regulations, standards and Codes.
  • Our Projects

    A large global billion dollar business, we have worked on numerous hospital sites installing height safety solutions.

  • Our Projects

    As Australia’ largest operator of convenience stores, we have inspected and installed roof access ladders and anchor points on numerous locations

  • Our Projects

    At one of Australia’s largest processors of continental small goods, we have have installed caged ladders and plarforms.

  • Our Projects

    As a large processor of sugar, we have installed a number of access ladders, platforms & guardrails.

  • Our Projects

    We provide annual inspection and certification services to the Australia Red Cross Blood Service.

  • Our Projects

    We installed a range of caged ladders, walkways and the guardrails at Mobil’s refinery.

  • Our Projects

    Our solution included a wide range of overhead rails to assist in the manufacture of caravans.

  • Our Projects

    At Ford’s proving ground we installed a range of roof platforms, guardrails and access ladders.

  • Our Projects

    For Siemens, we have installed fixed ladders, guard rails and roof platforms for safe and easy access to air conditioning units.

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We are the Market Leading Experts in Height Safety Solutions and Roof Safety Systems.

Height Safety Systems

Essential Height Safety designs and installs a range of Height Safety and Roof Safety solutions including Roof Anchors, Walkways & Platforms, Fixed Ladders & Steps, Guard Rails, Static Lines, Overhead Rails and Roof Access Hatches. Using only Australian engineered and manufactured height safety products, they are designed and tested to far exceed all Australian Standards. Every Height Safety System is installed by our highly trained and accredited employees (we do not use sub-contractors).

For further information on our leading height safety solutions, Melbourne clients, as well as builders, commercial property owners and facility managers across the country, can contact our qualified team today.

Roof Safety Assessments

With a team of highly trained roof safety experts and height safety specialists, we also provide Height Safety Inspection, Height Safety Certification and Height Safety Audit Services. Providing Roof Safety Assessments Australia wide, our clients can identify Roof Access Hazards, safely control Height Safety Risks while ensuring complete Roof Safety for all workers.

Height Safety begins with Fall Prevention to minimise Accidents

Trusted by 1000’s of clients and Australia’s largest Builders, we have a team of highly Height Safety experts that design, install and certify Fall Prevention Systems all around Australia. Our Fall Prevention Systems take a holistic view of Height Safety, Compliance and Roof Safety. If accidents and falls from height can be prevented, then there is less reliance on Fall Protection, Fall Restraint and Fall Arrest Systems to minimise workers being hurt and injured.

Thanks to our industry leading reputation in height safety, workers in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Darwin and Hobart using our height safety solutions can be assured they are using a roof safety solution that has been designed, installed and certified to exceed all Australian Standards.

Minimise Injuries & ensure Compliance with our Our Fall Protection Systems

Our Fall Protection systems exceed all Australian Standards, OH&S regulations and codes as we install only Australian engineered and manufactured products. This ensures worker can perform their duties safety at height, have Fall Protection systems as a backup should an accident happen, and businesses have important legal compliance to all regulations, codes and standards.

Protect workers at the Roof Edge with our range of Fall Restraint Systems

Our Fall Restraint Systems are recommended and installed when workers need to operate within 2 metres of a roof edge, fall edge or hazard. Our compliant Fall Restraint System assist with minimising the risk of a fall from height when close to the fall edge. Static Line Systems, Guardrails and Roof Walkways are some of the fall restraint systems that Essential Height Safety installs to protect workers close the roof edge or hazard.

Reduce Trauma & Save Lives with our Fall Arrest Systems

Our Fall Systems are designed to safely stop a worker falling from height and impacting the ground underneath. In the event that a worker does fall or slip, our fall arrest systems will save the worker from serious injury and death by arresting the fall. Essential Height Safety offers a wide range of Fall Arrest Systems including roof anchor points, overhead rail systems, harnesses and lanyards.

These systems represent the pinnacle of roof safety and are a must-have for any building that requires roof access around Australia.

Safe Roof Access Solutions for new and existing buildings

With a team boasting decades of combined industry experience, when it comes to height safety solutions, Melbourne clients know that Essential Height Safety is the name to trust.

New buildings and building owners must ensure there is Safe Roof Access for all workers to access plant and equipment on rooftops. It is a legal requirement, and civil and criminal penalties apply for building owners or employees that are negligent in their duties. Beginning with a risk assessment of the roof access, Essential Height Safety will design a Roof Access Solution that balances managing height safety risk, practical Roof Access requirements and budget.

Our roof safety experts will provide you with a tailored and comprehensive solution for your building, ensuring that it meets and exceeds every height safety standard and code Australia wide.

You can trust Australia’s leading Height Safety Specialists to ensure safe roof access to your building. To discuss your Roof Safety and Roof Access requirements you can call us directly on 1300 88 11 73.

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