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Height Safety Test and Inspection

With an extensive knowledge of equipment testing and inspection procedures, Essential Height Safety can deliver a comprehensive Height Safety Inspection  and Height Safety Testing service to advise you on your obligations to Australian Standards, Occupational Health & Safety Act and current codes of practice.

Essential Height Safety provides Height Safety Inspection services including:

  • Visual Inspection and Reporting
  • Height Safety Site Audits
  • Height Safety Certifications
  • Height Safety System, Equipment and Procedure Audits
  • Proof and Force Load Testing

Engaging Essential Height Safety in your certification and hazard identification processes utilizes our established procedures and highly competent and trained inspectors and auditors.  Essential Height Safety provides re-certification to installed height safety products where required under the AS 1891.

A fall from even low height can leave workers with debilitating and permanent injuries. Have your Height Safety Systems inspected to ensure they are compliant and certified to not only meet but exceed mandatory Australia Standards .

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