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Roof Access Hatches

Roof Access Systems

Are you after roof safety solutions and services that are personalised to your environment? Drawing directly on years of extensive experience in the height safety industry the team at Essential Height Safety stand out as one of Australia’s most renowned, reliable and trustworthy roof safety providers.

We supply and install a range of roof access systems to allow safe access to rooftop areas for maintenance personnel. Thanks to our roof access hatch systems that are available Melbourne-wide and all around Victoria, business owners, and maintenance workers, can have safe, secure, and unimpeded access to roofing structures.

With options for both internal and external access, we can design a solution that offers a practical solution to suit all requirements. Our systems include:

  • Fold down ladders and roof hatches – For safe internal access
  • External Ladders – With solutions for fixed and portable applications
  • Anchor Points and Static Lines – For edge protection where the risk of a fall is present
  • Administrative Controls – Ensuring workers have the required skills, knowledge and equipment to gain safe access

We understand that all sites present their own unique needs and that no two systems are the same. By leaning on our extensive product knowledge and taking the time to assess the requirements for access and the risks present, we can provide a system that meets our customers legislative requirements and provides safe roof access to those using the rooftop as a workplace.

Roof Access Hatch Melbourne

Made to withstand Australia’s harsh and varied climate conditions, the roof access hatches that Essential Height Safety supply and install are designed to last a long time without deteriorating. Safe to use and offering increased security to your property, our superior selection of roof access hatches are just what you’ve been looking for. To learn more about the specific benefits of our roof access hatches Melbourne residents and beyond can call us directly on 1300 88 11 73.

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