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On any commercial building; there are a number of different systems and equipment that could potentially be..

By Troy 08 April 2019

On any commercial building; there are a number of different systems and equipment that could potentially be present. Air-conditioning units, solar panels, satellite dishes are all examples of equipment and facilities that you’d find when on a typical commercial roof. As these systems require initial installation; and then regular maintenance – it’s also common place to find roof access safety features installed as well.

There are many different solutions (and ways) available to ensure employees or contractors that require access to your building’s roof are completely safe while doing so.  

Below are some of the roof access solutions that Essential Height Safety can install and provide inspection, testing and certification; to reduce the risk of injury through a fall while working at height.

Roof Access Hatches

Where it’s available; providing an entry point to the roof from inside the building is convenient. The hatches that we install all include the following features:

– Weather proof sealing.
– Sliding or hinged mechanisms which prevent accidental closure.
– In-built lock to prevent unauthorized access through the hatch.
– Varying opening sizes between 1 to 2 meters in size.

All hatches come installed with an access hatch guardrail kit and fold down ladders.

Fixed and Roof Ladders

While it’s not always possible to have an internal access to the rooftop; Essential Height Safety can cater for external access through a variety of different ladders depending on the requirement. A few of the different types of external ladders that our team can professionally install include:

– Fixed Vertical Ladders
– Platform Ladders
– Angled Ladders
– Caged Ladders
– Static Line Ladders
– Fixed Steps (ideal for access around 6 meters from ground level)

Walkways and Platforms

While gaining access safely to a roof area is one thing; the safety aspect doesn’t stop there. Once workers are on the roof; they’ll need to be able to move around key areas; but still be safe in doing so. This is where fixed walkways and platforms are vital.

Features of walkways and platforms include:

– Modular construction means that it’s customizable to what’s required.
– Choice of aluminium or fibre walkways; which provides a non-slip walking surface.
– Choice of powder coating available; to help the height safety features blend into the building.

Static Line Systems

Static line systems are used to provide anyone working at height continuous contact to the building or roof and is ideal for fall prevention.
The use of static lines is ideal for tasks such as:

– Working close to roof edges.
– Fall prevention while working on fragile or slippery surfaces such as glass, slate or asbestos based materials.
– Moving around wall and roof mounted objects
– Any activity where someone may need to use both hands to perform a job properly.

The key features to any static line system that Essential Height Safety installs are:

– Energy absorbent technology; to reduce the overall load on the user.
– Smooth pass-through system; meaning users don’t need to disconnect and reconnect themselves constantly.
– Using a variety of different mount anchors; adaptable to multi-composite surfaces.

Essential Height Safety

Essential Height Safety is Australia’s preeminent height safety audit, equipment certification and installation company. We’ve built our reputation on all work under the EHS banner is conducted by our fully qualified team; while using Australian designed, engineered, certified and manufactured materials. We ensure not only your building is up to code with height safety; but more importantly your employees and contractors are always safe while working at height!

We’re here to help You Ensure Roof Safety

If you allow workers Roof Access to your building, you have a legal obligation to comply with all Australian Standards, Codes and Regulations around Height Safety, Roof Safety, Fall Protection and Fall Arrest. To ensure the Height Safety of your workers and the legal compliance for your business, contact the trained and accredited experts today for an obligation free consultation.


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