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Essential Height Safety are experts in the identification of hazards and the safe control of height safety risks.

Accidents don’t have to happen. Keep your workers safe and prevent falls.

Height safety compliance is complicated and full of risk around legalities, liability and indemnity. As Essential Height Safety has a comprehensive knowledge of OHS legislation, industry standards and codes of practice, you can trust us to protect your company and workers from the risk of fall at height.

A fall from even low height can leave workers with debilitating and permanent injuries. Have your Height Safety Systems inspected, tested and certified to ensure they are compliant and certified to not only meet but exceed mandatory Australian Standards.

Codes of Practice

As a company giving employees and contractors access to your rooftop, its important you understand the Codes of Practice. This will ensure legal compliance with the Work Health and Safety Act and Regulations.

Did you know….? According to the National Code of Practice for the Prevention of Falls in General Construction “work that involves a risk of a person falling more than 2 metres” is classified as High Risk Construction Work

Approved codes can be submitted as evidence in court proceedings and may be used when determining what is “reasonably practicable” in regard to hazards, risks or controls.

Codes of practice cover various areas including:

  • Management of risks and how to identify hazards
  • Implementation and maintenance of control measures
  • Types of devices for use in regard to the risks or hazards
  • Emergency procedures
  • Design considerations

All of Essential Height Safety solutions are compliant with Australian Standards, Codes and Legislation;

Australian Standards and Codes

  • AS 1657:2013 -> Fixed platforms. Walkways. Stairs. Ladders
  • AS/NZS 1891.1 Part : Safety Belts and Harnesses
  • AS/NZS 1891.2 Part 2: Horizontal Lifeline and Rail Systems
  • AS/NZS 1891:3 Part 3: Fall Arrest Devices
  • AS/NZS 1891.4 : 2009 -> Fall-arrest systems. Selection, Use and Maintenance of Industrial Fall Arrest Systems and Devices
  • AS/NZS 4488  -> Rope access systems

Australian Legislation

  • OHS Acts and Regulations – Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments
  • Federal and State Workcover or Workplace Authorities
  • Australian Government National OHS Commission
  • National Standards, Codes of Practice and Guidance Material
  • State and Territory Governments – Building Acts and Regulations

Our Height Safety Testing and Height Safety Inspection Services ensures your systems and equipment are maintained and certified to meet all regulatory and compliance requirements.  All systems and gear is visually inspected and load tested to ensure safety and compliance.

Upon completion we provide a detailed report and all service tags are updated along with a system layout plan.


Our Height Safety Certification services ensure your Height safety solutions and systems are certified to minimum Australian Standards . Once Essential Height Safety installs or certifies a system you will be provided with certificate of compliance. When it comes to your workers and Roof Access, you need to ensure all measure are in place for Fall Prevention and Fall Arrest.


Our advanced Height Safety Audits ensure your Roof Access and Height Safety systems comply to Australian standards. If you need to update or upgrade your roof  systems , then we will design and install a new Height Safety System which complies with the current standards to keep your workers safe at height.

Once we have installed the new Height Safety System, we will also train your staff on the proper ongoing assessment and safe use of the newly installed Height Safety equipment. When your workers are accessing your buildings roof, they can be re-assured your building complies with fall prevention and fall protection regulations.

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