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Height Safety & Safe Roof Access – The key essentials

When working from heights, there is always a risk of falling from one level to another that..

By Troy 07 April 2019

When working from heights, there is always a risk of falling from one level to another that may result in injury; or even worse – death. A few basic guidelines of how to determine if you’re working from heights; and required to practice height safety includes:

  • – Working above ground level
  • – Have the potential to fall from an edge, through an opening or through a brittle surface.
  • – A fall from the ground level is possible; such as an opening to a sub-level or hole in the ground.

What are some of the real life hazards and risks to look for when working at height?

There are a number of tangible risks and hazards that workers need to watch out for while working from height. These include:

– Vertical falls from one level to another
– Degraded or sloping roof surfaces
– Poor weather conditions/slippery surfaces
– Unprotected edges around the immediate working area
– Existing, inadequately maintained access safety equipment

What is height safety and why is it so important?

Height safety refers to the laws and guidelines around preventing and protecting workers while they are in a position where it’s possible that they could have a fall that results in serious personal injury.  

The main reason why it’s so important is fairly obvious when you think about it. Nobody wishes to see a workmate, employee, friend hurt performing their job – no matter the potential dangers which may be within the workplace. 

Australian Regulations and Standards.

Not only is height safety a good thing to practice; it’s actually enforced by law within Australia. There are a number of different standards which need to be adhered to; along with the legislation which is slightly different in each state along with the federal laws which are in place as well.

A list of the standards is below:

  • – AS 1657:2018 -> Fixed platforms. Walkways. Stairs. Ladders
  • – AS/NZS 1891.1 Part 1: Safety Belts and Harnesses
  • – AS/NZS 1891.2 Part 2: Horizontal Lifeline and Rail Systems
  • – AS/NZS 1891:3 Part 3: Fall Arrest Devices
  • – AS/NZS 1891.4 : 2009 -> Fall-arrest systems. Selection, Use and Maintenance of Industrial Fall Arrest Systems and Devices
  • – AS/NZS 4488 -> Rope access systems

The legislation around height safety within Australia are:

  • – Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (AKA WHS Act)
  • – OHS Acts and Regulations – State and Territory Governments
  • – Federal and State Workcover or Workplace Authorities
  • – Australian Government National OHS Commission
  • – National Standards, Codes of Practice and Guidance Material
  • – State and Territory Governments – Building Acts and Regulations

While we’ve only just touched on the rules and regulations; if you’re looking for more details they’re available on the SafeWork Australia website.

Essential Height Safety are Australia’s leading Roof Access Experts.

Essential Height Safety are Australia’s leading height safety Experts providing roof safety solutions, audit and certification services.   To ensure compliance to all Australian Standards, codes and legislation, Essential Height Safety will only use materials that are designed, engineered, certified and manufactured in Australia.

We’ve built a team of highly skilled, accredited, certified installers that are all our own employees – you can rest assured we don’t sub-contract any of our work.  This ensures not only is your building is up to height safety code, but your employees and contractors are assured safe roof access.

Don’t risk your workers or contractors lives with just anyone. Essential Height Safety will look after everything height safety related for you!

We’re here to help You Ensure Roof Safety

If you allow workers Roof Access to your building, you have a legal obligation to comply with all Australian Standards, Codes and Regulations around Height Safety, Roof Safety, Fall Protection and Fall Arrest. To ensure the Height Safety of your workers and the legal compliance for your business, contact the trained and accredited experts today for an obligation free consultation.


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