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Anchor Safe Checklist – Inspection and Maintenance

Inspection Of Roof Anchor Points Australian Standards and legislation require the periodic inspection of all Roof Anchor..

By Troy 30 April 2019

Inspection Of Roof Anchor Points

Australian Standards and legislation require the periodic inspection of all Roof Anchor Points a minimum of every 12 months.  Essential Height Safety’s Anchor Safe Checklist will help you ensure your equipment to remains safe and compliant. Your height safety equipment needs to be tested, inspected and tagged every 12 months by a competent, trained and accredited person. 

An Anchor Safe Checklist will ensure inspections are done routinely, and we’d recommend they Roof Anchor Point inspections actually be completed every six months to ensure the system remains compliant and safe. After all – Roof Anchor Points need to offer Fall Arrest and stop workers hitting the ground.

If you were using it, wouldn’t you be more comfortable using it knowing the inspections were completed every 6 months (rather than 12 months)? Roofs are a corrosive environment with sun, wind and water, so to protect your business and workers we highly recommend 6 monthly inspections of Roof Anchor Points.

Maintenance of Roof Anchor Points

Luckily, basically no maintenance is required to maintain a Roof Anchor Point System, as long as it has been installed and calibrated by an accredited Height Safety Professional.

Don’y forget, armed with your Anchor Safe Checklist you can ensure every Roof Anchor Point is scheduled to be inspected, tested, certified and tagged as safe for ongoing use.

Why Choose Essential Height Safety?

Essential Height Safety are Australia’s leading Height Safety Experts. We can provide an Anchor Safe Checklist and maintain your Roof Anchor Point testing, inspections and certification requirements.

With a team of highly trained and accredited specialists, Essential Height Safety are Australia’s leading experts in Height Safety Audits and Height Safety Compliance.  Since inception, we have been working with more than 1000 businesses, helping them safely control Height Safety risks and identify Roof Access hazards.

All of our Roof Anchor Points are designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia to exceed too Australian Standards. Our user-friendly roof anchor point systems that are manufactured to Australian Standard 5532 and then installed to Australian Standard 1891.

Contact the team today for an obligation free consultation.

We’re here to help You Ensure Roof Safety

If you allow workers Roof Access to your building, you have a legal obligation to comply with all Australian Standards, Codes and Regulations around Height Safety, Roof Safety, Fall Protection and Fall Arrest. To ensure the Height Safety of your workers and the legal compliance for your business, contact the trained and accredited experts today for an obligation free consultation.


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